Get to Know your Legends – PJ Paulse

PJ thinking about the big ones.

In this weeks Get to Know your Legends we speak to one of the most prolific in run getters in Club Cricket in the 80’s and 90’s, PJ Paulse.

Beefy: Hi PJ what school did you attend?

PJ: I attended Belgravia High in Athlone and completed a post matric at Lentegeur Secondary

Beefy: Give us a brief look at your cricketing career?

PJ: Never played school cricket but played for a club side called Cavaliers which Frank Brache started. Then in 1983 I was invited to indoor by the late Stuart Leary to join the PCC at indoor nets. It has been mentioned that even the ex SA bowler Stephen Jefferies saw PJ as the most dangerous club batsman during the mid 80s and 90s. I played in the PCC 1st team from 1983 to 2001.

Beefy: What where the highlights of career?

PJ: First 100 against Green Point who had John Farrell and PJ Bakke as the opening bowlers,first Chirp playing for PCC firsts against Green Point ” oh F…..k here comes another Omar Henry!! 193 against Fish Hoek and scoring 988 runs in a season!!

Beefy: Best moment of your playing career?

PJ: Winning the 1 day final against Cape Town under the Legendary Roy Clarke

Beefy: Most frustrating part of your cricketing career?

PJ: Did the ligaments in my knee in 2000 which ended my serious playing career.

Beefy: Best performance for Pinelands?

PJ: 6 for 37 and 193 against Fish Hoek

Beefy: What do you do for a living?

PJ: Maintenance Manager at the Athlone sewerage works. Specialise in plunging for the big ones.

Beefy: Favourite drink?

PJ: Captain Morgan Spice Gold.

Beefy: Barney will agree with you, favourite food?

PJ: Christmas Turkey and Penny Lane Strawberries and Cream and on Sundays a real curried Gatsby

Beefy: Your favourite cricketer and why?

PJ: Hansie Cronje and Graham Gooch.  Hansie for his leadership and Goochie for his technical abilities as an opener

Beefy: The cricketer you looked up to when you were playing?

PJ: Too many to mention but Trevor Roberts stood out

Beefy: Best fielder ever to play with you?

PJ: The Silver Fox Barney de Klerk and Roy “Long Arm” Jackson

Beefy: We want ask how he got that nickname! What was your favourite fielding position?

PJ: Short Leg

Beefy: What was your highest standard of cricket achieved during career?

PJ: Western Province u23

Beefy: What was your highest score and against whom?

PJ: 193 against Fish Hoek

Beefy: Favourite Soccer team?

PJ: West Ham United

And there you have it, another Legends profile at the PCC.

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