Separated at Birth

This PCC member has gone AWOL. We not sure if he is wanting a new contract to sign or whether he is not impressed with the “investment for the future” of the club. He was once a stalwart performing on the field week after week, and even better performances off the field. Also known to be the worst half of the couple.

We can’t be sure how long this mid life crisis is going to last. But there will always be a place at the PCC for Samantha Woods, whether AD returns from what ever it is he running from or not.


  1. Jeeeeez this one is just way to difficult… one will get this…..NO CLUE!!!!! I might add that the woman in question is far to pretty for this man!!!

  2. The hair is confusing me…… I’ll go with Justin Watermeyer??

  3. Is he having a mid life crisis? I haven’t seen him for such a long time I have forgotten his name!

  4. Gareth, The woman IS way to beautiful..Thats for certain..

  5. I have come to the conclusion that it is a picture of Tony at his matric farewell…….Ash???

    Yes Herschelle…..far to pretty!!!!!

  6. I know that guy!
    Thats from College though , that was just a Matric date , cousin.

  7. looks like Brad Pitt to me?

  8. Resembles more of a Litchi Pitt..

  9. Does he pay for hookers?

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