Get to Know Your Legends – Guy Nicol

In this ”Get to know legends” we catch up with Indy Oil PCC Life Member Guy Nicol.

Beefy: So Guy, where did you attend school?

Guy: I matriculated from SACS in 1960

Beefy: Give us a brief overview of your cricketing career?

Guy:  I played for the SACS 1st team and  SA Navy and in  1961 I joined joined Pinelands.   In ’68  I played for Green Point  for a couple of seasons and was back at the PCC in  ’71. I stopped playing cricket in the early 1990’s. I played in all Pinelands teams but mainly in the 2nds and 3rds.

Beefy: What where the highlights of career?

Guy: Playing in the 1st team, playing in the 2nds with my son and being made a Life member at the PCC.

Beefy: Best individual moment of your playing career?

Guy: Helping take 2nds from 2 C div to 2 A division in the ’60s over 2 seasons, 100 n.o for G.P against Pinelands ( 2nds ) on bottom oval, taking a catch off my son’s bowling and doing Broomsticks in the pub after 27 beers.

Beefy: Most frustrating part of your cricketing career?

Guy: Getting out too early too often

Beefy: What do you do for a living?

Guy: Retired from Safmarine   –finance

Beefy: Favourite drink?

Guy: Castle and Sav. Blanc


Beefy: Favourite food?

Guy: Roast Beef and Steak


Beefy: Your favourite cricketer and why?

Guy: Kallis, I admire his technique

Beefy: The cricketer you looked up to when you were playing?

Guy: Jackie McGlew

Beefy: Best fielder ever to play with you?

Guy: Barney  ( who ? ) de Klerk ( How long has Barney been around!!).


Beefy: What was your favourite fielding position?

Guy: Cover Point


Beefy: What was your highest standard of cricket achieved during career?

Guy: Club 1st team

And there you have it, another Legends profile at the Indy Oil PCC.

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