Legends Match – The Review

Well,  you are probably all wanting to know what happened last week in the Big legends Cricket match.  Well it ended up a fantastic day with every Legend enjoying the day.  It has taken a bit long for this report because it has taken us all a bit of time to recover from last Sunday.  Pinelands Pharmacy ran out of Cataflam on Monday  and some  of us were still crawling around with aches on Wednesday.

Barneys team won the toss and elected to bat which was always a bit of a gamble with the humidity very high on the day and everyone expected the ball to swing around and dip for the first 10 overs.  Indeed it did  especially the first ball of the day bowled by the nearly 80 Len Pye MBE .  The ball swivelled around, but PJ got right behind the ball and played straight in case Len got him out again.  We all know now why Farmer Craddock wanted to open the batting and leave the bowling to someone else because he battered Walshies attack with some excellent stroke play to help his team towards 117 all out with a great cameo innings of 19 from Manus Minnie who hit a great six towards the old score box. Kirsie on the other hand battled to get the ball off the square and when he eventually did, he was caught!! Another batsman that battled early on was Davie Law who walked right past a swinging 33 km per hour full toss and Murray Anderson had the bails off before you could say “:?><_+.  Great sportsmanship was shown by Walshies team when Poths did a 360 degree swivel , saw double and then fell on his stumps .  Poths being the sportsman he always was, started walking BUT Walshie called him back.

Then Walshies men came to the crease and with the early dismissal of Ken “Doezra” Hodge who opened the batting after a fine spell of spin bowling, saw Murray Anderson and Skid Marx take the heart out of the opposition bowling with some fine batting that helped Walshies men reach the target set. A Fine display of stroke play was also  seen by Trevor Roberts who batted with poise and grace  BUT it was not one sided at all and a bit of a collapse in the middle order put pressure on the tail enders to see the game through with probably the finest shot of the day.  A huge six by Walshie off “Half Volley” de Klerk, turned the corner for Walshies team.  Even Birdies 140km pace was not enough for Barneys team and Walshies team won the game in the second last over.

What was great about the day was the spirit in which the game was played.  Everyone had a chance to bowl and only Robbie Diamond ( Swartie) was the only player not to bat.  So everyone felt they contributed towards the successful day at the PPC oval.  It was great to see some of the Legends that did not play come out and support and what as even nicer was to see some of the current playing members, including our Cobras Rep Ryan Canning come and support the day.  THANKS PLAYING MEMBERS!! Also to Neal and Dave for their help in making sure that the day was a great success.

A prize giving was held afterwards with the best performer award handed out to the best performer in each team.  Farmer Craddock won it for the Barneys team, while Murray Anderson won it for Walshies team.

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