Pinelands Top 15

After much anticipation and discussion, finally an update has been done.

1 Beavin “Beamer” Rawlins               Honorary position held
2 Richard “Fritz “ Thomson              Up 3
3 Jon the Pom                                        New Entry
4 Andre “Kakbat “Coetzer                Down 1
5 Gavin Roos                                          Up 4
6 Darryl “The Wolf “ Wolversen     Up 9
7 Kirsten Marshall                               Down 3
8 Duncan Emslie                                   Up 10
9 Hayden Sakkie De Kock                 Down 2
10 Barney De Klerk                             Down 9
11 Travis Muller                                   New entry
12 Steve “Chairman” Westraad       Down 4
13 Lups Tuswa4life                              Up 1
14 Ash “Admin” Larter                       Down 2
15 Jacky “Ocean” Maurer                  New Entry

Number 1 spot has been held on an honorary basis for the duration of the upcoming season. After much debate Fritzel has moved into 2nd position. Many saying that he doesn’t deserve to be on this list, he needs to be on a list all on his own. A record new entry at 3 is Jon The Pom Orman. A few memorable moments, most notably waking up in a strangers house in Gardens among many others. Big jumpers in the right direction are Duncan Emslie (Up 10) and Darryl Wolverson (Up 9). No explanation needed. Barney De Klerk hangs on to the Top 10 but has been rather subdued. Will need to up his game if he wants to stay up there.

A most notable appearance is made by Jacky Wolverson. The potpourri and flowers in the toilets are a good touch. We’ll leave it at that.

The top 15 has seen Mark Temple, Alan Badenhorst, Chukkie Christiaans and Plank Canning drop out. This being said, the door doesn’t close the door on re entry. As it was not through bad performances on their part, it was just amazing performances by those who have replaced them.

Movement outside the top 15 has seen Ryan Harley desperately seeking entry into the elite club, moving up from 30 to 17. Also Willem moving from 48 to 23. A jump of 25 spots.

As stated, this is by no means set in stone, positions will keep changing on a regular basis as each week brings new criteria and performances into consideration.

Good luck to all for the coming season. Please remember to note and report any worthy performances.

Cooked Committee signing out.

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  1. Hmmmm, not sure about this. Emslie is disgracefully low, especially after last night’s antics

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