tom-makin Tom Makin has joined us for the 2014-15 season. The PCC sat down with him to found out a little more:

  1. Age – 18
  2. Schooling details (when and where) – Hockerill College (2007-2012) & Freman College (2012-2014)
  3. Any nicknames – Makes/Makin
  4. Favourite drink – probably fanta – (And rumour has it, he doesn’t drink beer?!)
  5. Favourite Food – a good roast dinner
  6. Besides cricket, what else do you do, work wise – Level 2 coach and worked as a lifeguard all summer
  7. Are you going to study anything – Looking to study at Uni of South Wales next year
  8. What do you do in your spare time – Play cricket, coach, eat, watch a lot of films
  9. Highest standard of cricket played so far – Premier division in England
  10. Highest score – 103*
  11. Best bowling -4-10
  12. Career highlights so far – Winning the league with every club I’ve played for (We hope the same happens for the PCC!)
  13. Best individual moments so far – Hitting my first adult league hundred 2 years ago
  14. Most frustrating parts so far – Losing the semi final to miss out on playing at Chelmsford for my age group side
  15. Cricketing strengths and weaknesses – good catcher, although don’t enjoy fielding on the boundary. Need to improve my strike rate.
  16. Favourite fielding position – 2nd slip
  17. Favourite cricketer(s) and why – Ian Bell & AB De Villiers because I love watching them bat and are the ultimate professionals, Dale Steyn because he always gives everything to his team, Andrew Flintoff because he got me into cricket with his performance in the 2005 Ashes
  18. Football team supported – West Ham United

Thanks Tom! We think you’ll fit in quite nicely! If you haven’t yet, make sure you come down to meet Tom.